2-6 Level Puzzle Parking System


Commercial puzzle parking system available from 2 to 6 levels. Efficient automated vertical parking. Above-ground system, suitable for residential areas, commercial centres, office buildings, stations, hospitals, etc. Saves parking space with its “lift and slide” mechanism. Low construction and maintenance costs. Simple structure, extensive safety features, PLC automatic control system, low noise.


Model number: PSH

Car size: 5000mm x 1850mm x 1550mm

Car weight: ≤ 2000kg

Mode of parking: Reverse to park, forward to exit

Lifting motor capacity/speed: 2.2kW, 8 m/min, (2-3 levels) and 3.7kW, 2-6 m/min (4-6 levels)

Sliding motor capacity/speed: 0.2kW, 8 m/min

Running noise: ≤ 85dB

Drive mode: Motor and chain or cable

Control mode: PLC

Surface treatment: Powder coated or hot galvanised.


2-6 level puzzle

Commercial parking solution from 2 to 6 levels in a puzzle system.

Motor driven with steel chain or cable lifting and lowering.

Simple structure, high safety, no front posts to facilitate the entry of the car onto the platform.

Back cross bars connected to back posts to carry the load on platforms.

Upper platforms can only move vertically while lower platforms can only slide horizontally.

PLC automatic control system. Push button, touch screen and IC for convenient parking and retrieval process.

Safety hook device to prevent falling, collision and overload.

Photo-electric sensors to check and stop the unit when cars are parked improperly or when people cross in by accident.

Emergency stop push-button mounted on the operation panel.

Steel parts are sandblasted then painted with anti-corrosion primer and top finished with a colour coat.

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2-6 Level Puzzle Parking System

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