3-4 Level Stacker Parking System


Commercial car stacker ideal for vehicle storage and retrieval. Either 3 or 4 level stacking system. Posts can be shared to create multiple lateral units. Full safety features.


Model numbers: CQSL3 / 4

Lifting capacity: 2500kg / 5500lbs

Parking vehicles: 3-4 cars per unit

Level height: 2000mm

Runway width: 2000mm

Rise/drop time: 2 mins

Power: 5.5kW


Suitable for multi-vehicle parking and storage.

One unit can be designed to be 3 or 4 levels, and share common posts to create multiple connected units.

Automatic lock at every platform level, mechanical locks at all heights in all posts to prevent falling and collision.

Hydraulic cylinder has an anti-exploding valve to avoid drop in oil pressure.

Powder spray coating surface treatment for indoor use, and hot galvanising for outdoor use.

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3-4 Level Stacker Parking System

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