Cargo-Car Scissor Table Hoist


Fully customisable scissor table hoist to raise and lower vehicles or cargo between floors. Lifts to 10m in height. Long lifespan assisted by corrosion-resistant surfaces and self-lubricating pins. Wide range of safety features.


Lifting capacity: 1000kg – 4000kg

Lifting height: ≤ 10m

Speed: 4-6 m/min

Rise/drop time: 2 min

Power: 5.5kW


Can be customised according to your requirements.

Shot-blasted and stove varnished for anti-corrosion.

Anti-pinch scissor design; main roller pins are self-lubricating to assist long lifespan.

Removable lifting eye to assist replacement of table.

Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop lift table dropping in case of hose rupture.

Pressure relief valve prevents overloads; flow control valve makes speed of descent adjustable.

Equipped with aluminium safety sensor beneath table as an anti-pinch mechanism while platform is dropping.

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Cargo-Car Scissor Table Hoist

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