Four-Post Parking Lift 2+2


Four-post space-saving hydraulic parking lift for 4 cars, with two on top and two below. Suitable for multi-vehicle storage. Strong 3700kg load capacity. Dual safety locking system. No middle post for easy access. Low ramp approach is ideal for sports cars. High space under the lift also suits higher vehicles.


Model number: CHFL2+2

Lifting capacity: 3700kg / 8000lbs

Parking vehicles: 4 cars

Lifting height: 1800mm – 2100mm

Total width: 4500mm

Width between runways: 3820mm

Rise/drop time: 60 secs / 90 secs

Power: 2.2kW


Suitable for multi-vehicle parking and storage.

Hydraulic drive, steel cable lifting system.

Electric operation with control panel, automatic locking system with electric lock release.

Double safety locks: a one-piece adjustable safety lock ladder; and an automatically activated anti-fall lock in the case of cable rupture or hydraulic leakage.

Slack cable security limit switches and foot safety switch/signal.

Powder spray coating surface treatment for indoor use, and hot galvanising for outdoor use.

4 post parking lift 2+2

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Four-Post Parking Lift 2+2

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