Four-Post Parking Lift


Four-post parking lift ideal for home garages as well as commercial use. Large capacity – 3700kg. Hydraulic drive, key switch operation. Multiple safety protection devices including electrical unlock, anti-dropping locks, limit switch and emergency switch. Quick vehicle parking/unparking. Share a column with another unit to make a row installation.


Model number: CHFL3700(E)

Lifting capacity: 3700kg / 8000lbs

Parking vehicles: 2 cars

Lifting height: 1800mm – 2100mm

Width between runways: 1895.5mm

Rise/drop time: 60 secs / 90 secs

Power: 2.2kW


High polymer polyethylene, wear-resistant slide blocks.

Platform runway and ramps made of diamond steel plates.

Optional movable wave plate or diamond plate in the middle.

Dynamic anti-falling mechanical locks in four posts at different heights to ensure safety.

Powder spray coating surface treatment for indoor use, hot galvanizing for outdoor use.

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Four-Post Parking Lift

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