Garage Scissor Hoist


Fully customisable scissor hoist for garage work either installed in a pit or on the surface. Basic unit has 1000kg lifting capacity, 1.25m lifting height. Non-slip platform, overload protection, simple controls.


Model number: CPS-2

Lifting capacity: 1000kg / 2200lbs

Lifting height: 1250mm

Platform size: 1500mm x 3560mm

Rise/drop time: 60 / 50 secs

Power: 2.2kW


Install in a pit or directly on the ground.

Three buttons control the lift: up, down, and stop.

Excellent load capacity.

Non-slip platform for safety.

Overload-protection locking device.

Lifting capacity, platform size, and lifting height can be customised according to your requirements.

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Garage Scissor Hoist

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