Inclined Pit Parking Lift for 2-4 Cars


Space-saving inclined basement garage car parking solution for residential and commercial buildings. Even with smaller installation heights, two cars can be easily parked on top of each other. Single (for 2 cars) or double (4 cars) stacker options. Structure supported by pit and back wall. Direct hydraulic drive. Electric key switch and automatic shut-off.


Model numbers: CPL-2/4

Lifting capacity: 2000kg / 4400lbs or 2500kg / 5500lbs

Parking vehicles: 2-4 cars

Lifting height: 1650mm

Upper: 1650mm

Pit: 1700mm

Rise/drop time: 1 min

Power: 5.5kW


Choice of single (2 cars) and double stacking (4 cars) across two levels.

Parking bays inclined by approximately 7.5 degrees.

Inclined lower platform with lower pit height.

Share middle post to save space and cost when adding horizontal units to either 2 or 4-car stacking units.

Galvanised platform with wave plate for better parking.

Direct drive lifting by dual master and slave hydraulic cylinders.

Individual hydraulic power pack and control panel.

2000kg / 2500kg capacity available for cars and SUVs.

Electric key switch for security and safety.

Automatic shut-off once the operator releases the key switch.

Powder spray coating surface treatment for indoor use, hot galvanising for outdoor use.

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Inclined Pit Parking Lift for 2-4 Cars

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