Motor Driven Pit Parking System


Make the most of available space with our pit parking system. For residential and commercial premises as well as public institutions. Flexible design can be customised to suit your site and requirements. Directly park or unpark the vehicle at any level. Safety features include movement sensors and anti-falling hooks.


Model number: PJS

Lifting capacity: 4000kg / 8800lbs

Parking vehicles: 2 cars

Lifting height: 1800mm

Vertical speed: 2-3 m/min

External dimensions: 5440mm x 3000mm x 2450mm

Drive mode: Motor/chain

Vehicle size: 5100mm x 1950mm x 1800mm

Rise/drop time: 70 secs / 60 secs

Motor capacity: 3Ph, 3.7kW / 5.5kW


Fully utilises underground space.

Flexible design; columns can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Motor driven and chain balance system.

Directly park or pick up the car at any level independently.

Platforms consist of galvanised wave plates which are strong and resist humidity.

Anti-falling hooks on 4 posts to ensure safety.

Designed so post can be shared with adjacent unit – space saving, economical, and stable multiple unit installation.

Electric sensors to confirm no people or objects are present before raising or lowering platforms.

Motor driven pit parking system

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Motor Driven Pit Parking System

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