Pit Parking Lift for 2-4 Cars


Basement garage car parking solution for residential and commercial buildings. Single (for 2 cars) or double (4 cars) stacker options. Structure supported by pit and back wall. Direct hydraulic drive. Electric key switch and automatic shut-off.


Model numbers: CPL-2A / 4A

Lifting capacity: 2000kg / 4400lbs or 2500kg / 5500lbs

Parking vehicles: 2-4 cars

Lifting height: 1850mm

Upper: 1850mm

Pit: 1950mm

Rise/drop time: 1 min

Power: 5.5kW


Choice of single (2 cars) and double stacking (4 cars) across two levels.

Share middle post to save space and cost when adding horizontal units to either 2 or 4-car stacking units.

Galvanised platform with wave plate for better parking.

Direct drive lifting by dual master and slave hydraulic cylinders.

Individual hydraulic power pack and control panel.

2000kg / 2500kg capacity available for cars and SUVs.

Electric key switch for security and safety.

Automatic shut-off once the operator releases the key switch.

Powder spray coating surface treatment for indoor use, hot galvanising for outdoor use.

Pit parking lift 2-4 cars

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Pit Parking Lift for 2-4 Cars

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