Rotary Parking System


Rotary parking system provides efficient, automated vertical parking. Parks up to 16 cars in a 35 sqm land area. Above-ground system, suitable for residential areas, commercial centres, office buildings, stations, hospitals, etc. Highly automated, yet simple and quick operation to park and recall vehicles. Extensive safety features.


Model number: PCX

Parking capacity: 5 layers – 8 cars, 9 layers – 16 cars

Weight of car: ≤ 2000kg

Car retrieval time: 20-160 secs

Installation space: 6m x 4.85m

Vehicle size: 5000mm x 1850mm x 1550mm

Motor capacity: 11kW

Hydraulic pump: 40 L/min, 32MPa

Circulation speed: 7.5-8 m/min

Drive mode: Motor + chain

Control mode: PLC

Operation mode: IC card / push button / touch screen / Bluetooth

Platform materials: 2.2mm galvanised wave plate


Highly space-efficient commercial rotary parking solution. Each system covers only 35 sqm, providing up to 16 parking berths.

It can be installed independently or between buildings or to make a tower system. It can be easily installed in empty spaces in residential areas or beside commercial buildings.

Motor driven with steel chain lifting system.

Vertical carousel system designed with a transmission mechanism that saves power and increases efficiency.

Designed for fast operation; intelligent rotation direction to shorten entry/exit time.

Safety features include emergency brake switch, overrun device, photoelectric monitoring, warning when vehicle exceeds length and height limits, car block device.

PLC programmable controller for highly automated parking and retrieving. Can be designed with IC card charging system for easy parking operation. Button panel shows the correct transfer direction, guiding the driver to park and retrieve the vehicles. Simple one-touch control does not require professional operator.

Steel parts are sandblasted then painted with anti-corrosion primer and top finished with a colour coat.

rotary parking system

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Rotary Parking System

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