Single-Post Parking Lift for 2 Cars


Single-post design for two cars, good for small spaces. Single hydraulic cylinder, chain drive – fast vehicle parking/unparking. Safe and reliable automatic lock and electric lock release. Compact size and streamlined design without the need for a manoeuvering area. Free entrance and exit for the driver. Customisable installation options. Suitable for residential use.


Model number: CHSPL2500

Lifting capacity: 2500kg / 5500lbs

Parking vehicles: 2 cars

Lifting height: 2100mm

Runway width: 2000mm

Outer dimensions (L x W x H): 4280 x 2852 x 3076mm

Rise/drop time: 50 secs / 45 secs

Power: 2.2kW


Single stage hydraulic cylinder and chain lifting system.

Usable in small spaces such as corridors and aisles.

Mould machining throughout – parts are universal and interchangeable.

Platform runway made of either diamond or wave steel plates.

Movable galvanized or steel plates in the middle.

Wear-resistant and heat-resistant micro-molecular polyethylene slide block.

Folded steel ramps make parking much easier for sports cars.

All steel parts are sandblasted, then primed with anti-corrosion paint prior to the top coat.

Choose hot galvanising, electroplating or powder spray finish. We recommend powder spray surface treatment for indoor use, hot galvanising for outdoor use.

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Single-Post Parking Lift for 2 Cars

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