SUV Stacker 2-Post Parking Lift


Two-post parking lift with 2700kg capacity for stacking two SUVs. Ideal for residential or commercial installations. Rapid vehicle parking/unparking. Share post with adjoining unit to build horizontal capacity. Stable, dual hydraulic cylinder drive with sliding framework balancing system. Safe and reliable manual lock and release.


Model number: CHPLC2700

Lifting capacity: 2700kg / 6000lbs

Parking vehicles: 2 cars

Lifting height: 2050mm

Runway width: 2000mm

Rise/drop time: 45 secs / 40 secs

Power: 2.2kW


SUV stacker 2 post lift

Can be used in households or office building parking lots.

Dual-cylinder lifting system – more stable.

Designed so post can be shared with adjacent unit – space saving, economical, and stable multiple unit installation.

Synchronous sliding framework balancing system

Single manual lock release system is more safe.

Wave plate or diamond plate are optional.

You can choose hot galvanizing, electroplating or powder spray. Recommend powder spray coating for indoor use, and hot galvanising for outdoor use.

Mould machining through the whole process; the parts are universal and interchangeable.

Passes 120% capacity dynamic load text and 150% static load test.

Italian-made oil seals to ensure there is no oil leakage.

Optional manual pump on power unit in case of power off.

Optional 24V control box, solenoid valve. Solenoid valve has urgent manual lock release function.

Optional ultrared alarm device in case of unguarded entrance.

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SUV Stacker 2-Post Parking Lift

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