Tilting Low Height Parking Lift for 2 Cars


This car parking lift has low-height posts to fit with low-ceiling garages. Can be used in hotels, businesses, institutions and residential areas. Hydraulic-driven, key switch operation with dynamic anti-falling locks. Dual cylinders and connecting shaft ensure stability. Fast vehicle parking/unparking. Safe and reliable manual lock and release system.


Model number: CHPLB2500

Lifting capacity: 2500kg / 5500lbs

Parking vehicles: 2 cars

Lifting height: 1400mm – 2000mm

Runway width: 2000mm

Outer dimensions (L x W x H): 4280 x 2852 x 3076mm

Rise/drop time: 45 secs / 40 secs

Power: 2.2kW


tilting low height parking lift

Dual-cylinder lifting system for complete stability.

Connecting shaft to ensure synchronous balancing.

Low post, faster lifting speed.

Platform is adjustable and can be used in low ceiling shops.

Single manual-lock release system is safe and reliable.

Mould machining throughout so the parts are universal and interchangeable.

Passed 120% capacity dynamic load text and 150% static load test.

Optional 24V control box, solenoid valve.

Optional ultra-red alarm device in case of unguarded entrance.

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Tilting Low Height Parking Lift for 2 Cars

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