Underground Scissor Parking Lift


High-quality double platform hydraulic scissor car lift. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Useful for lifting vehicles between different levels of a building, e.g. from basement to first or second floor. Driven by two hydraulic cylinders. Array of safety features includes explosion-proof lock valve. Customisable design.


Model number: CSL-3

Lifting capacity: 5000kg / 11,000 lbs

Parking vehicles: 2 cars

Lifting height: 2600mm

Self-closed height: 850mm

External dimensions: 5640mm x 2740mm x 2745mm

Vehicle size: 5200mm x 2200mm x 2100mm

Rise/drop time: 90 secs

Power: 5.5kW


Underground scissor parking

Integrated hydraulic pumping station saves space and reduces oil leakage.

High-quality bearings offer long service life.

Electrical operating box has an emergency switch and dead man push buttons with a switch key.

Base frame has U channels for guiding sliding blocks and rollers during raising and lowering.

Hose burst/rupture valve located at hydraulic cylinder to prevent back flow of pressurised oil in the system.

Design can be customised according to requirements.

Electric sensors confirm there are no people or objects before platforms operate.

Steel parts are sandblasted then painted with anti-corrosion primer and colour-coated for top finish.

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Underground Scissor Parking Lift

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